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Pet Carriers Lion Design

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Soft Pet Carriers: Lion Design Portable Breathable Bag

Your Pet's Cozy Den on the Go

Say goodbye to stressful journeys with your furry friend. Our Soft Pet Carrier, adorned with a playful lion design, is a snug and secure haven for your cat or dog. Crafted with soft, breathable materials, it ensures your pet stays comfortable and calm, whether you're heading to the vet or on an adventure. The plush interior mimics the coziness of their own bed, making travel less daunting and more like a treat.

Secure and Easy to Carry

Safety is paramount when it comes to our four-legged friends. That's why this carrier comes equipped with robust safety zippers and a reinforced structure. The bag maintains its shape, providing a safe enclosure that your pet can rely on. Plus, its lightweight design and sturdy handles make it a breeze to carry, ensuring your pet's safety and your comfort at all times.

Fresh Air for Happy Tails

 Adequate ventilation is vital for pet comfort and health. This carrier features a breathable mesh that allows for optimal air circulation, keeping your pet cool and comfortable. The material is also easy to clean, ensuring your pet's environment stays hygienic and pleasant, no matter where you go.

Material: canvas

Size S: (Suitable for cats within 3.5KG, dogs within 2.5KG)
Size M: (Suitable for cats within 6KG, dogs within 5KG)
Neck circumference: within 35cm